Raising awareness on the danger of GROOMING

Groomsafe is a platform that is dedicated to informing parents, carers and teaching professionals by raising awareness. We simply break down behaviour stereotypes about young people and build bridges of quality communication that bring understanding between social groups.

Groomsafe seeks to safeguard children and young adults against the dangers of specific manipulation whether it is sexual or criminally motivated. We offer non-judgemental advice via motivational workshops, which we deliver to local schools, youth organisations and parents that have a distinct need to understand the complexity of processes such as ‘County Lines’ and Child Trafficking.

Our aim is to concentrate on teaching people the values of a responsible relationship and equip them with the understanding of how people may use relationships to manipulate others.

Our work has led us to work with educating children and young adults with disabilities such as autism, teaching them about the dangers of manipulative relationships.

Our ethos is, if we as adults, parents and carers all work together we can push against this current trend of violence on our streets. When we can push, we can pull, and when we pull, we can help.

For years, we have been saying that the young people need to see what a working model of a community looks like, as many of them have no values or beliefs about what one is. Unfortunately, many adults share the same lack of beliefs, and this is part of the challenge we all have ahead.

As parents, carers and professionals, we must approach this in a much more flexible way. A better understanding of popular culture is needed to facilitate effective communication between young people and us as parents, carers and professionals.

We must strive to interpret language and mannerisms that young people display. Much of these changes very rapidly. Once we have a firm understanding of what situations are facing young people growing up in today’s society, we can produce and facilitate the fundamentals of a fruitful society.


FOAM offers a wide range of workshops and talks please visit our dedicated website www.foam20.com/workshops

Film Projects

Paul McKenzie has worked with young people for over 25 years.

Many of the young people that he has have worked with have gone onto become the best versions of the themselves. They are working, parenting, and giving back to their communities. This was his dream his vision on what he calls beautiful.

Featured below are just THREE of the amazing short films written and produced by Paul, all produced with no funding or massive crews, just a passion and an amazing team of young people!! We also made history with the film SICK as it was the FIRST short screen play ever to be screened at the National Gallery.

We at FOAM feel that Young people have more flexible values, these values & beliefs are not as fixed in the earlier years but may become rigid with age. Changes in values and beliefs take place at different times in our lives. During the primary & Secondary stages. One challenging the norm largely influences values and beliefs. In this case the Norm may be the values expected at home or in school.

A pupil may find it acceptable to fight at school because that is the value and belief acceptable at home with other siblings etc. and its only when challenged correctly that it then becomes possible to change their belief/value to the expected norm.



SICK the movie

SICK the movie